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Differences Between Animal Feed Hammer Mill and Wood Hammer Crusher

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Characteristics of feed hammer mill:
1. Main utilization: To crush the raw material of poultry feed, such as corn, wheat, etc.
2. Feeding mode: Upper vertical feed. Suitable for the high density, good flow ability material.
3. Screens installed on both sides of the hammer mill, the material will be grinded by hammers and screen. If use this hammer mill to crush wood, then the pressure on screens will be very high, cannot get very fine wood fibers, easy to block or break the screen. Efficiency is low.
4. Main shaft of rotor: made of casting steel part.
Characteristics of wood hammer crusher:
1. Main utilization: To crush wood chips, small blocks, shavings, etc.
2. Feeding mode:  Along the tangential direction of rotor, big opening. Suitable for the low density, bad flow ability material.
3. Thick screen installed at the bottom of the hammer crusher. There are casting blocks fixed on the sides of the crusher. Material will be grinded by hammers and casting blocks. High crushing efficiency. No high pressure on screen. Screen just works as a size filter.
4. Main shaft of rotor: made of forging steel part.

These are just some simple differences. The hammers are different, as well.
Because such two kinds of crushers are used in totally different projects and business, they can not be confused.

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