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Do You Really Know About Shredder?

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Shredder is a new type environmental protection equipment for crushing solid waste in recent years. It’s mainly used for processing plastic,rubber,fiber,paper,wood,appliance,cable and other solid materials which is hard to be crushed,such as regrind material,plastic head,PET bottle,hardboard,PCB,wood and plastic barrel,etc.

As per the different processed materials,the double-shaft shredder are sorted out as Rubbish shredder,Metal shredder,Plastic shredder,Rubber shredder,Pipes shredder,Film shredder,Wood shredder,Old furniture shredder,Waste paper shredder,etc.Basing the number of main shaft, shredder family includes single-shaft shredder,double-shaft shredder,four-shaft shredder,etc.

Usually a shredder are made of single-axis motor,reducer,moving knife shaft,imported moving knife,fixed knife,body frame,base,cabinet,hydraulic cylinder,oil pump and so on.Its main shaft is made from high quality 40Cr and processed by forging,tempering and CNC.There is one piece of fixed knife and several pieces of embedded dis-mountable moving knives which are pawl type,rotating cut.Both the fixed knife and moving knives are made from Japanese SKD11 steel whose hardness reaches HRC60 after tempering process.  

Based on these rational design,high quality materials and hardening&tempering processes above,life span of our shredder and mechanical property of knives improve greatly.Matching with belt conveyor,secondary crusher and fans,the production carries out automatically and reasonably.The labor intensity and working conditions are improved extremely,too.
Definitely,knife is one of the most important spare parts of shredder.Its quality depends on the process cycle directly. The knives can be sorted out by the type of shredder:single-shaft shredder knife and double-shredder knife.The moving knives of single-shaft shredder is square shape and the knives of several-shaft shredder are pawl type which is also sorted out as three-pawl,eight-pawl,twelve-pawl,etc.The pawl type knife is always used for processing plastic waste,rubber,wood and other bulk waste by cutting,shredding and pressing force to reduce in size.
9CrSi,Cr12Mov and SKD11 are three normal materials for making shredder knives.Among the three above,9CrSi is a alloy tool steel which makes knife with good performance in hardness and wear-resisting,but a little crispy relatively.The 9CrSi knives are usually used for processing rubber,fiber,paper and other soft wastes. Cr12Mov and SKD11 belong to cold-work steel which is powerful in resisting abrasion and impact and their knives are useful in shredding wood,old furniture,hard plastic and so on.

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