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Biomass pellet fuel use advantage

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1, biomass pellet fuel calorific value is big, calorific value in 3900-4800 kcal/kg, after carbonization heat up to 7000-8000 kcal/kg.
2, biomass pellet fuel high purity, excluding other stuff does not produce heat, its carbon content 75-85%, ash in 3-6%, water content of 1-3%, excluding coal gangue, absolutely not fever heat instead of impurities, such as stone will directly reduce the cost for the enterprise.
3, biomass pellet fuel does not contain sulfur, phosphorus, no corrosion of the boiler, can prolong the service life of the boiler, the enterprise will benefit a lot.
4, due to the biomass pellet fuel do not contain sulfur, phosphorus, burns does not produce sulphur and phosphorus pentoxide, so that it can't be that causes acid rain, atmospheric pollution, do not pollute the environment.
5, biomass pellet fuel clean sanitation, easy feeding, reduce the labor intensity of workers, greatly improve the working environment, the enterprise will reduce to the cost of labor.
After 6, biomass pellet fuel burning ash of ballastless few, greatly reduce the field stacking breeze, reduce the cost of slagging.
After 7, biomass pellet fuel burning ash is high grade high quality organic fertilizer, recycling create profit.
8, biomass pellet fuel is nature's gift to our renewable energy, it is a response to a central call to create economic society.
Biomass particles as a new type of pellet fuel by its unique advantage won widespread recognition.Compared with the traditional fuel, not only has economic advantages also have environmental benefits, fully meet the demand of sustainable development.
First of all, due to the shape of particles, compressed volume, saves storage space, also facilitate transportation, reduce the transportation cost.
Second, the combustion efficiency is high, easy to burnout, less residual carbon.Compared with coal, a high content of volatilization of ignition point is low, easy to light;Density increase, the energy density is big, the combustion duration increased dramatically, can be directly applied in coal-fired boilers.
Besides, the biomass burning when harmful gas component content is extremely low, less emissions of harmful gases, which has environmental benefits.And after burning ash can also be used as potash directly, save the expenses.

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