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Congratulations for our sawdust dryer exported to Chile

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Chinese New Year is coming,everything goes well during this moment.

After many days' hard work of our workers,the sawdust dryer finished and it will be exported to Chile today.

Chile Sawdust Drying Equipment

We choose new type design DLGT2915-3 for our customers,it owns the following characteristics compared with the single rotary dryer:

1, Simple internal structure , high efficiency, and remarkable energy - saving . According to our inspecting result , the heat efficiency is about 50% more than traditional dryer.
2, Barrel self insulation thermal efficiency can reach above 70% (traditional single cylinder dryer heat efficiency is only 35%),so it can improve thermal efficiency at least 35%.
3, Covers an area of  50% lower than single drum dryer and civil investment can  reduce 50%, power consumption reduced by 60%. In addition, The external cylinder has heat preservation and heat insulation effect for the internal cylinder, outer tube surface temperature is low, less heat loss, at the same time it not only keeps high efficiency and energy saving, but also improves the working environment and working conditions.
4, It can easily adjust the final moisture according to your requirements.
5, Low outlet temperature ,and long service time of dust collection system.
6.New-type driving system design. No  gear transmission, the use of tug wheel transmission. Motor adopts frequency controlling motor , adjust the cylinder rotating speed. According to the moisture, production capacity , adopting the appropriate rotation speed to meet the needs of next working procedure perfectly.
7.Using automatic temperature monitoring and controlling system, make operation  more convenient.

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