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Do you need a wood crusher for your wood briquette plant

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Wood crusher is a type of machine developed for the milling of all kinds of raw wood materials, it is a essential equipment in a wood briquette plant if you have one. After the processing of the wood crusher, the wood branches and wood logs becomes fine powder, which makes them good for the production of wood briquette of smaller diameters. In other cases, the processed wood powder is used as medium in the cultivation of mushrooms or some other plants.
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Is it necessary to buy a wood crusher for all kinds of briquette making? To answer this question, you have to see to the 2 aspects below: the characteristic of the raw material and the quality requirement of the briquette. If the raw material is waste paper or something similar with paper, you could roll it on a stick and soak it into water, dry it in the open air, and the briquette is made. If you are dealing with some wood material that are not the same kind of sizes, shapes, thicknesses, the wood crusher is able to help you, for the smaller size the wood particles are, the better quality the briquette you may have.

Special note: try not to enlarge the original power of your wood crusher, the milling effect will be unstable and the consequences of improper use will be only count on the user, manufacturers will not be responsible for your loss.


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