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The effectiveness and impact of Dingli implementation of sawdust dryer technology

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In recent years, with the appearance of sawdust dryer effectively solve the difficult problem of recovery and utilization of sawdust. The application of sawdust dryer has obvious economic, social and environmental benefits. To solve the seasonal changes to poor sales or disposal of coal slips affect the production of the passive situation. At the same time, it can also reduce the area of discarded litter and reduce the sewage charges of enterprises and increase the economic benefits of enterprises.


Sawdust drying industry is emerging in recent years, an industry, technological innovation and improvement of drying sawdust to achieve the industrialization and automation. The comprehensive utilization of sawdust is the only way for charcoal enterprises to change single operation. Based on the high moisture, high viscosity, high water holding capacity and low calorific value of sawdust, sawdust drying equipment is stably operated, easy to operate and maintain, and the price is reasonable. Welcome customers to order.

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