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New type of pasture economic model forage dryer industry

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The aquaculture economy has gradually become a new model and industrial chain form. For the pasture dryer manufacturers, if it is necessary to adjust the strategic market, the centralized breeding of the pastures and cow dung that are formed by the combination of the individual households breeding can be both an opportunity and a market harvest. Narrow, pasture dryer capacity changes will be more prominent.


The recovery of pasture by the company on the one hand has reduced the individual market for forage dryers, but at the same time it has also formed a demand body with more purchasing power. At the same time, the technical performance and service requirements of pasture dryers have been further improved. These are pastures. Dryer manufacturers follow-up must face the problem. Dingli supply forage drying equipment for many years, the domestic market and overseas markets have made breakthroughs, the strength is undisputed, pasture drying technology is also a self-made, with the widespread promotion of new modes of pasture grass, large-scale pasture drying project and pasture bake drying machine technology upgrades are more prominent market characteristics and requirements.

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