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Interpretation of drum dryer in the feed industry

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The dryer has a wide range of applications, among which the feed industry has been strongly applied by companies. Take a tumble dryer as an example, a variety of raw materials can be processed into feed through the dryer equipment, such as the use of distillers dried grains. Dryer drying, food waste, feed, etc. It can be said that the role of drying equipment in the feed industry is very important, and its significance can be reflected in the following aspects.


Drying equipment is the first tool to feed some raw materials. China's previous feed materials are in a deficient state. With the use of some “wastes” such as corn peel, bean dregs, and distiller grains, this situation is compensated. It also allows people to reuse some of the traditional waste. The second is to say that some feeds are dried to facilitate storage, and some feeds contain a lot of water due to some external factors, which may cause mildew in the feed. Therefore, it is recommended to use a drying machine to dry them to avoid moldy conditions and other conditions.

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