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International order: Zhengzhou Dingli company signed Kazakhstan beet pulp drying project contract

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Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd beet signed beet pulp drying project contracts with Kazakhstan customers, the project installed in Kazakhstan. According to the contract, our company of working range includes a beet pulp drying line, its handling capacity is 30t/h and processing installations required for public works of design, purchase, installation and commissioning etc work.
Kazakhstan is located in landlocked country in central Asia, which is central Asia maximum of economic body. In promoted Silk Road Economic Belt construction aspects, Kazakhstan is first,  Kazakhstan has common interests with China, this time both sides cooperated beet pulp drying project is friendship cooperation of began, believes that our company of drying equipment will more enter into Kazakhstan in future.

Major is survival fundamental, quality is our reputation guarantee! Zhengzhou Dingli company always adhere to technological innovation, meet user requirements for the target management idea, all staffs make strenuous efforts provide professional, high efficient, energy-saving and affordable dryer equipment for customer. WBH of performance has proved that Zhengzhou Dingli company has specialty and word of mouth in dry areas.


We are committed to providing high quality and high quality drying solutions for enterprises / individuals,Welcome to submit requirements,Find our design custom!





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