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Wealth from Vinasse dryer residue

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Without Vinasse dryer, vinasse was regarded as waste, piled up everywhere. When professional vinasse dryers appeared, this has improved the vinasse's econimic value. Vinasse is a kind of residue leaved during the wine-making process, it contains rich protein and various trace elements, it can be as animals feed after drying, a lot of energy and trace elements are the crops and straw can't provide, crude protein content in the vinasse can achieve about 25% , vinasse was formed after fermentation, high-temperature cooking, so its internal crude fiber content is low, the vinasse as animal feed has good palatability and the characteristics of easy to digest, treating it as a animal feed, many trace elements fully absorbed by animals, and also it can improve animal growth.

Along with the development of the domestic wine industry , amount of waste vinasse production increased in the wine processing . If it is not treated carefully, corrosion of vinasse will not only affect the surrounding soil, also can cause harmful bacteria, and affect the surrounding plants and animals growth. With the development of drying equipment industry in our country, the advent of vinasse dryer, The wine industry also found the value of the waste vinasse, in succession to the central treatment of vinasse, after processing, vinasse waste can be used as a fuel, fodder, etc., Enterprises not only can reduce energy consumption, and make it as animal feed, which contains a variety of trace elements , can bring extra income for the enterprise.

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