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Algeria customer ordered our company wine cork raw material drying equipment

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Algeria customer ordered our company wine cork raw material drying equipment, which has  completed production and packing-shipping yesterday. The biomass drying lines are tailored to customer requirements customized.
Algeria is the North Africa country, it has a wine brewing history. The wine export volume has ranked first in the world. In such an environment wine cork also needs huge, general wine cork  most used aggregate plug raw materials is saw-tooth oak bark, and oak wood. Its drying principle and sawdust dry are similar. Zhengzhou Dingli company production of biomass drying equipment can reduced cork particles water, that reached making wine cork raw materials moisture standard.

At present, Zhengzhou Dingli company biomass drying equipment has cooperation with the customers from all over the world. It is very hot sale in our country,you can see many cases in our website. Internationally, it exported to Russia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Chile, Israel, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Malaysia and Vietnam etc. Such as customer from Malaysia and Vietnam etc countries has cooperated with our company many times.



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