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"China Science and technology vertical and horizontal" magazine published our company's paper

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Recently, Zhengzhou Dingli technology department co-authoring "Coco peat drying equipment's technology research and application" technical paper published in "China Science and technology vertical and horizontal" magazine. Welcome friends from all walks of life to read and tasting.


The core content of the article is:

1. Coco peat drying techniques: it is adopting cocurrent and high temperature hot air in direct contact and dry. Coco peat heated evenly, the water evaporates rapidly. Coco peat moisture content is directly from 50%  down to 15%.

2. Coco peat drying common equipment: we strongly recommend three cylinders of drums dryer. The equipment unique designed, layout compact, control convenient and heat preservation strong. What’s more, high efficiency can reach more than 70%, more energy conservation and environmental protection.

3. Coco peat drying purposes: coco peat is a kind of natural organic media. Natural decomposition is slow, which has high nutrients, good breathability and water retention. It is focused on application in the field of cultivated fields.

4. Coco peat drying project cases: Dingli company coco peat dryer exports to Sri Lanka in November 2015. It is used for high temperature drying and processing Coco peat bricks, the production line is stable at present. It’s production up to 4.5 tons per hour and nearly 30,000 tons per year. Avoiding direct resource waste and pollution from discarded coco peat, creating considerable economic benefits for the user.



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