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Vietnam merchants ordered two Brewer's grain dryer(10T/h) in Dingli company

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Recently, Viet Nam "Song Thuy Investment Company Limited" signed with Dingli Company to complete. Vietnam merchants  ordered two  brewer's grain dryer(10T/h) in Dingli company and that resultant develop  "Brewer's dried fodder".  Advance payment has to account and validate contract. Dingli company has arranged technical department, production Department for the two brewer's  grain drying machines  designed and remoulded.


In Summer, we often refers to three types of material are brewer's grain, food waste and sludge. Common characteristic is large production and perishable stinks. Air-cure limited by the weather. Zhengzhou Dingli according to the above three properties were developed the brewer's dryer, kitchen waste dryer and sludge dryer.  The three kinds material fast drying and achieving recycling.

Brewer's grain dry material main process animal feed.And it can create secondary income for winery, meanwhile it also  save half the cost for farms . Come to order quickly.

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