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Dingli company sales department signed coal sludge dryers order

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Recently, Shuozhou city, Shanxi provice customers reached an agreement with our company, by our company is solely responsible for creating coal sludge dryer producton line of output capacity 150,000ton/year. Currently production line design and the dryer develop has been put on the agenda, on follow-up information such as delivery, installation, commissioning etc, so stay tuned for Dingli company  news.

Entered in June, Dingli company sales department sales constantly meet new customer, good news keeps pouring in. China (Shanxi, Heilongjiang, Zhejiang) and abroad (Madagascar, Macedonia, Iran, and India) etc many customers to visit our company, Shuozhou and Heilongjiang customer and Dingli company finished signing. India, and Iran customers strongly intentions and cooperation fields respectively for the coal slurry drying and Coco coir dehydrator drying etc.

Dingli company DLMG series coal sludge dryer equipment technology unique, model complete, flexible configuration, you are welcome to inquire or visit.

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