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Corn germ residue drying project finished in Jieyang city

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The end of March this year, Zhengzhou Dingli company with Jieyang customers cooperated with corn germ residue drying project of output capacity 1.5T/H . The corn germ residue drying line has been  successful installed in Guangdong province, China.  After the debugging,it can be put into production. First of all, congratulations to Dingli corn germ residue drying line project finished in Jieyang city, Guangzhou province. And also congratulated there is one more drying equipment running site located in Guangdong region.


Corn germ residue is a residue after corn germ extracting corn oil . After the corn germ oil expression, in addition to reduction of the fat content, other nutrients are remain in the germ meal. Crude protein content is generally 23%~25%,which is based on maize fiber and protein as high nutrients.

Corn germ residue is also first drying material, which is a challenge and opportunity for Dingli. Zhengzhou Dingli  has more than 10 years experience in high moisture drying, with excellent experienced technical team and a number of patented technologies, we not only customized drying equipment according to the customer's production requirements ,also provides reasonable materials drying project  depending on their raw material situation.



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