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Biomass drying pellet production line of foreign cases site collection in the first quarter ,2016

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Biomass drying pellet production line is Zhengzhou dingli new energy technology limited company developing and marketing of special living material drying pellet equipment. First of all, we take a look at using our biomass drying pellet production process.
The first quarter of 2016, dingli company foreign sales of biomass drying pellet production line are more than 10 drying pellet production lines, at present, the  operation has been more than 10 biomass drying pellet production lines, there are other biomass pellet production lines  is not installed  in installation of tension  put into operation , we also posted a message in the first place, for the information of our customers. Many domestic customers to visit dingli company, most worrying is the scene, see. Usually however due to domestic equipment far or client time constraints, to visit our limited factory and workshop. Although we have a professional team of sales and technical explanations, but we still think that these are insufficient. Here is look at our company takes a portion of the biomass drying pellet production line of part foreign equipment site!

1、Biomass drying pellet production line at Malaysia

Malaysia  wood chips pellet plant.jpg

2、Biomass pellet fuel production line at Indonesia

Biomass pellet fuel production line at Indonesia.jpg

3、Sawdust dryer case site at Israel

Sawdust dryer case site at Israel.jpg

4、Sawdust dryer case site at Italy

Italy wood pellet plant.jpg

4、Coco coir drying production line case sie at Sri Lanka

Coconut husk dryer.jpg


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