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Xinxiang brewer's grains dryer project installation site

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nited States AB company, Henan Xinxiang beer branch with dingli company brewer's grain dried items , currently is  installed stage.

brewer grains dryer   brewer grains dryer

Customer collaborative efforts with the construction of our after sales service, Xinxiang drying production line produces 150 tons brewer's grain  is in full operation, expected to be completed this month, commissioning, production run. Equipment site as shown in the following figure:
The brewer's grain  drying lines are zhengzhou dingli company  uses a number of patented technologies and years of baking experience, according to material characteristics, productivity and final water requirements of customers, customized for their clients. Will be used in the brewery in the reuse of waste grain drying, daily handling capacity reaches to 150 tons.

brewer grains dryer

Zhengzhou dingli company established  more than 10 years, focused on rotary drum drying machine equipment development,  became Henan area drum drying machine manufacturing of flag, dingli brewer's  grain  drying machine, and sawdust drying machine, and coal mud drying machine etc equipment cases   about hundreds of homes, run situation, and production effect, and energy etc praise as tide, understand drying machine equipment detailed configuration information, and visit multiple cases site welcome contact Zhengzhou dingli company website online customer service.

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