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Jordan customers inspected the food waste drying production line

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At present, the food waste drying production line ordered by the Jordan customer has been finished. The customer arrived at our company and inspected the goods on site.

food waste drying production line

 The both sides discuss the plan of project at the meeting room. The production department of our company provided the equipment list. The customer was satisfied with the efficiency of our equipments. Meanwhile, they expected the equipments to be installed as soon as possible. The customer checked the equipments of the production line in the workshop after both sides communicated on the project. The customer inspected the equipments in person and spoke highly of the equipments from our company. The customer expressed their appreciation to the workers’ hard work and hoped to take this opportunity to cooperate on other projects and develop the environmental protection disposing project of food waste drying.

The food waste drying project is one of our main products. Our company’s food waste drying production line of the new generation quickly occupied the market-----which gained the good reputations from most customers. Our company’s food waste drying production line was exported to Jordan, which aimed at creating high-quality food waste drying production line and contributing to the local environmental protection.

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