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The Indian customers visit our company’s wood pellet production lines.

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 With the expanding of DingLi dryer equipments in the international influence. Dingli wood pellet production lines which has good reputation has been paid close attention more and more. Recently, the DingLi wood pellet production lines attracted the international friends to visit once again.This is the Indian customers who visited our company and our leader received them passionately.

 wood pellet production lines

Zhengzhou DingLi has been cooperated with many foreign clients on wood pellet production lines which promoted the usage of the local wood resources. Many production lines have became the benchmarking case and the high quality dryer equipment that everyone take delight in talking about in the industry. This time, the Indian customers took a fancy to the advanced technology and craft of our company. After the Indian customers arrived, our leader accompanied with them to visit the producing department. Mr. Wei introduced the technology, structure and cases of company equipments. After visiting, the customers watched videos of case through multi-media. The customers are satisfied with the equipments and finished products of our company’s wood pellet production lines and expect the farther cooperation on wood drying items. The both sides reached cooperation of strategic project after communicating and negotiating the details of cooperation.

With the accelerating development of usage of global wood resources, our company’s wood pellet production lines have been counted on by more and more customers.Our company will make great effort to the product, sell, services and each links of productions, persist to produce high quality productions, provide high grade services to meet customers’ demand and create brilliant with more customers hand in hand.

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