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Trunk Crusher

Trunk Crusher

【Application】: For wood log,tree branch,wood trunk,wood pallet crushing and other material.
【Capacity】: 10-35m3/h
【Motor power】: 37-139kw

Trunk Crushers can directly processed timber and branches into woodchips and sawdust, which have the features of low capital, low energy cost, high productivity, large commercial profits, and convenient maintance. This crusher product is especially suitable to process the woodchips in culture medium of edible fungus.  The trunk crusher is mainly consist of cutting mechanism, crushing mechanism and draught fan. The timber materials are firstly cut into small pieces through cutting mechanism and then crushed into chips without any drying process. The crushing product is delivered to certain places by draught fan.

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Dingli is experienced in the design and manufacture of trunk crushing equipment, which have the features of easy operation and quick tools replacement. The design of blade holder is highly optimized. The claw cutter can separate the stress and increase the sheer force of each blades, which is applicable for thick or hard materials. Meanwhile, it will help reduce the abrasion on blades. Our product also uses electric control, double-layer feeding throat and sound-insulation filler, which is safe, energy-saving and environmental. It has been widely used in edible fungus industry and the production of sawdust board, circuit board and high-density board.

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Technical parameters

                       Model YM-210 YM-350
               Power (kw/td) 37   139
             Capacity(m3/h ) 10 35
            Feeding size(mm) 210 x 210 350 x 350
             Dryer size(mm) 420 x 220 600 x 380
              Voltage 380v/50HZ 380v/50HZ
             Dimensions(mm) 1800x900x1400 3000x1850x1800