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Founded in 2003, Zhengzhou Dingli is an enterprise with 200 employees committed to enhancing client productively, profitability and safety. Dingli has developed more than 200 patented products for producing electrical energy from common organic materials

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Zhengzhou Dingli exports Russian sawdust pallet drying production line site

Recently, the company's international trade department sent a good news: Zhengzhou Dingli's export of Russian sawdust pallet drying production line project is progressing smoothly and has been successfully installed and debugged.

2018-11-15 [more]

Hunan customer’s bamboo chips drying granulation production line

Dingli cooperated with Hunan customers on a large-scale bamboo chip drying and granulating equipment production line, which is in good operation. This project is one of the key projects undertaken by our company in Hunan.

2018-11-14 [more]

Maintenance strategy of coal slime dryer

At present, most of the coal slime dryers on the market are medium and large-sized equipment. Long-term operation will cause certain losses. Especially after entering the winter, everyone can't relax the maintenance work, so as to ensure the efficiency of

2018-11-12 [more]

Explain the future development trend of slimes as main energy

Although the development and use of new energy has caused a certain impact on the coal industry, the main position of coal slime as a major energy source cannot be replaced in the short term. Therefore, coal companies are still giving high hopes for the d

2018-11-08 [more]

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