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Shaanxi customers signed project wood drying equipment

Date:2015-04-14 09:15:30 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Recently, Shaanxi customers again signed 4 ~ 5t / h wood chip drying equipment Project Phase II with our company, the two sides signed a contract yesterday. After signing the contract, our company will produce the production equipment in accordance with the set time.
Shaanxi customers signed the agreement on the visiting day based on the friendly cooperation last time. The customer represents the last device uses smoothly, quality of the finished product is good and sell briskly and easily , so improve the efficiency of company . At the same time , our company provides customers with superior after-sales service, and customers are very satisfied. Shaanxi customers hope that this cooperation can have a full use of sawdust resource and reach new heights.
Our company will uphold the criteria for customer needs first, continuing to provide customers with high-quality, high-efficiency, high-service dryer equipment, customers work hand in hand with Ding Li dryer for taking full advantage of the resources . To diversify and to further promote the development of enterprise business in the industry. Numerous domestic and foreign customers who cooperate  with Zhengzhou Ding Li all praise our company in succession , Zhengzhou Ding Li also look forward to working with more customers to cooperate drying item and seek common development .

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