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  • 2017-08-01» Dingli signed a brewer’s grain drying production line and yeast drying production line project with Nigerian customer
  • 2017-07-29» Dingli’s raw coal drying equipment sent to Russia
  • 2017-07-28» Australian cassava residue drying production line shipped on schedule
  • 2017-07-22» Dingli’s grassiness dryer putted into production in the Philippines
  • 2017-07-14» Congratulations for Dingli’s brewer’s grain drying equipment successfully put into operation in Vietnam
  • 2017-07-05» Dingli product’s highlight cases in West Asia
  • 2017-07-01» Dingli product’s highlight cases in South Asia
  • 2017-06-29» Dingli product’s highlight cases in Americas
  • 2017-06-24» Cassava residue dryer is shipping soon: welcome the Australian customers come to inspect
  • 2017-06-21» Dingli products’ cases in Oceania
  • 2017-06-19» Dingli’s fermented soybean meal dryer successfully putted into operation in Guangdong
  • 2017-06-16» Dingli product’s highlight cases in Africa
  • 2017-06-14» Dingli product’s highlight cases in European
  • 2017-06-09» Congratulations for Morocco sawdust drying production line finished the inspection
  • 2017-06-06» Dingli product’s highlight cases in Southeast Asia
  • 2017-06-02» Under " Belt and Road" strategy Dingli welcome 12 countries customers to visit
  • 2017-06-01» Indian coconut pith and coconut fiber drying project’s installation progress
  • 2017-05-30» Shanxi customer’s clean coal dryer is on schedule delivery
  • 2017-05-25» Dingli build a raw coal drying production line together with Russian customer
  • 2017-05-23» Dingli cooperated clean coal drying equipment with a Shanxi company
  • 2017-05-20» Dingli’s drying equipment debut to international stage
  • 2017-05-18» Dingli’s Vice manager leads delegation went to Vietnam for visiting
  • 2017-05-13» Xinjiang corn protein powder drying production’s site
  • 2017-05-11» Vietnamese brewer’s grain drying project’s installation progress
  • 2017-05-09» Dingli’s coal slime drying equipment installed in Shanxi Yangquan
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