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Brewer’s grains dryer sent to Chongqing

Date:2015-09-09 15:03:11 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Brewer's grains drying equipment ordered by Chongqing customers has completed manufacture and will be sent Chongqing.

The brewer's grains dryers ordered by Chongqing customers is patented equipment of Dingli, which can be widely used in the drying operation of high-moisture residue material drying and realize the reutilization of wood chips in the resources-constrained situation of modern industrial production.

Zhengzhou Dingli, the expert in the field of BSG drying and yeast drying, is always focusing on the research and development of drying and dehydration equipment of high-moisture residue material. Your consulting and visiting is always welcome!

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