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Russian customers visited our company for Peat Drying and Briquetting Equipment

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A customer from Sakhalin Island visited our company from September 24th to 27th. The customer visited our complete facility, inspected the drying unit in operation, and discussed technical issues with our engineers. Our work facilities have left a good impression on our customers. Now we are discussing the contract.

peat dryer

The Peat Drum Dryer retains the advantages of the traditional drum dryer and solves the problem of weak sintered materials and sintered materials with a dry moisture content of more than 50%. The peat drum dryer is designed for the moisture of 50%-85%. Wet materials such as peat, sewage sludge, starch waste, bone marrow, corn bran, cassava residue, beer granules, winery distillation, straw, herbs, organic fertilizer, cow dung, chicken manure. We can develop technologies based on the characteristics of biomass materials, equipment capabilities, uses, cost control, automation, and scope. 

peat dryer

Dingli's new drying system, stable equipment performance, convenient operation and maintenance, energy saving and environmental protection, high efficiency and competitive price. Welcome to the online consultation.

We are committed to providing high quality and high quality drying solutions for enterprises / individuals,Welcome to submit requirements,Find our design custom!





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