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Guizhou project: large Sweet Potato Residue Drying Plant installation site

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Zhengzhou Dingli cooperated with Guizhou customers in the agricultural large-scale potato residue drying and drying project. After the equipment arrived in Guizhou, the installation and commissioning work was smoothly carried out. The following is the equipment installation site.

Potato residue dryer.jpg

The sweet Potato Residue Drying Production Line of the project is the equipment provided by our company for the production requirements of Guizhou customers. The technical team with many years of experience in potato residue drying project is responsible for the commissioning of the project. Our technical team started the relevant work immediately after the arrival of the equipment. Work, coordinate work with local customers, refine the division of labor to promote the installation and commissioning of the project in an orderly manner. At present, the hoisting work of the main equipment has been completed, and the subsequent installation work is still in progress. It is believed that the project will be completed as soon as possible under the joint efforts of both parties.

Zhengzhou Dingli can provide a variety of specifications of Potato Dregs Drying Equipment for the majority of users, suitable for sweet potato residue, cassava residue, potato residue, and other materials, the production line can be equipped with potato dregs dehydration equipment, heat source equipment, dust removal equipment, packaging equipment, etc. Welcome to the factory to purchase, to discuss cooperation.

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