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Development trend of wood chip dryer gradually clear

Date:2015-02-07 10:15:21 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Sawdust dryer industry has experienced rapid development in recent years, China has formed a unique environment for development, in the presence of external competition and external technology gap, and domestic development of wood chip dryer also shows a certain regularity, the trend is clear.
The future development of dryer also attaches great importance to energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of energy, such as used in a variety of joint heating mode, transplantation of heat pump and heat pipe technology, solar dryers, etc.;Development of dryer automatic control technology, to ensure the implementation of the optimal operating conditions;In addition, with the human's emphasis on environmental protection, improve the environmental protection measures to reduce dust and fume dryers of leaks, etc., will be a need to further study direction.Wood drying machine, dryer equipment in China market present situation and the analysis of the current needs of the United Nations, in the domestic market of conventional drying equipment, drying equipment, as well as a major international market basic are made in China, it shows that drying equipment import oriented in China history is over.
We on drying technology innovation study also provides some help to the development of industry, energy conservation, environmental protection drying equipment will bring more new to drying processing experience, gradually expand the overseas market share, let more friends understand Chinese high quality dryer.

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