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Dingli Sawdust Drying Granulation Production Line once again settled in India

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At present, Zhengzhou Dingli has established long-term cooperative relationships with many customers in India. Recently, our company has completed new projects in India. The Sawdust Drying and Granulating Production Line that our company has built for local customers has been officially completed. The following is the project site.

India sawdust drying pellet plant.jpg

Zhengzhou Dingli's Biomass Pellet Production Line can reprocess wood waste and other waste wood into biomass fuel to help local wood chip resources to be reused. The wood chip dryer equipment provided by our company for Indian customers is designed and manufactured according to the specific needs of customers. From the aspects of capacity demand, material finished product demand, etc., our new drying process is applied in the production line to greatly provide the efficiency of the production line and save the certain operating cost for the enterprise customers. The local customers are very satisfied with the test results of the equipment. In production, our company will continue to provide technical support and services.

The processing technology of Zhengzhou Dingli wood sawdust drying and granulating production line adopts a combination of one drying, secondary pulverization, continuous feeding, and regulated feeding. The pellet fuel forming rate is over 98%, and the bulk density, particle density, and heat value are high. It can realize large-scale, continuous and stable production and meet the needs of industrialization of biomass pellet fuel. At present, it has settled in more than 20 countries and welcomes more customers to purchase.

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