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Guangdong second phase Sauce Residue Drying Equipment has been shipped

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The second-phase soy Sauce Slag Drying Equipment produced for Guangdong customers has been completed. On July 8, the drying equipment was loaded and officially shipped to Guangdong.

This equipment is the second-stage soy sauce slag dryer equipment provided by our company for Guangdong customers. The two parties have cooperated with the first-stage soy sauce drying equipment. The customers are very satisfied with the operation of the equipment. The friendly cooperation of the second phase of the project, in the second phase soy sauce slag drying project, the customer has a greater demand for equipment capacity. Our company has designed the drying production line equipment for the specific needs of the customer's second phase equipment, from the production capacity, In terms of efficiency and other aspects, it saves customers cost and improves efficiency. At present, the technicians responsible for the installation and commissioning of the project have already gone to the site to prepare for the preliminary work, so that the equipment can be smoothly followed up after the arrival.

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Dingli sauce Slag Dryer can quickly dry the paste residue with the moisture content of 65-75% to dry product with water content below 13%. The unit uses coal (biomass, steam) as the energy source, uses hot air as the drying medium, uses the hot air to heat the various materials of the wet materials, and the dry finished product has good color and palatability. Welcome customers to negotiate with us.

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