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Analyze Of Open And Closed Wood Pellet Fireplace

Date:2015-01-28 13:42:32 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Wood pellet fireplaces can be classified in a lot of ways, one of them was by the form of the fire, the fire goes on in a closed space, that's closed wood pellet fireplace; the fire goes on in the open space, that's called open wood pellet place.

Advantages or disadvantage?

Some people might judge the quality by the heat efficiency of the closed and open wood fire places. Objectively speaking, they shall have different applications for their unique features:

open wood fire places are considered with lower heat efficiency, but after a long time of burning, the moisture of the air in the room can be adjusted in the best range, it is one classic way of preventing the wood furniture ,wood floor and other wooden stuff from rotten in the raining season or snowing season.

On the contrary, closed wood fireplace does a better job in warming the room up quickly, the fire can be adjusted by controlling the fuel feeding amount, it also looks perfect for your dining room or meeting room. 

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