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Dingli’s yeast dryer exported to Georgia

Date:2017-10-20 20:44:54 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd
Recently, good news came from Dingli foreign trade department, Dingli formal signed yeast dryer project contract with Georgia customers, whose capacity is 80-100kg/h. At present, the complete set of equipment has entered the production workshop.
Dingli’s yeast drying machine is different from traditional yeast dryer, it can effectively solve traditional yeast dryer equipment’s defects such as time-consuming, laborious and small capacity. What’s more, it can do large-scale yeast dehydration drying, with less investment, good effect and provincial labor etc. advantages. In addition to providing high-quality equipment for users, Dingli can according to customer’s site hardware conditions and fuel requirements, tailored design economy, applicable, high efficiency and energy-efficient yeast dryer.

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