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Dingli’s coal slime dryer settled in Shaanxi province

Date:2017-09-06 21:46:42 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Recently, Shaanxi customers successfully signed coal slime dryer equipment with Dingli whose processing raw material is 1000t/day.

Shaanxi delegation arrived at Dingli, in order to site research coal slime dryer equipment at the end of August. Through Dingli designed project and  understanded Dingli coal slime drying equipment unique process from has been put into operation  customer's cases, Shanxi customer knew that Dingli's equipment automation degree is high, yield is high and duration is short. While Dingli provides free installation and commissioning production operations guidance services.

Customers comprehensive considering Dingli whether coal slime dryer equipment production technology or after-sales service have certain advantages. Finally the customer decided to establish a cooperative relationship with Dingli. 

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