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Dingli's sawdust drying production line exported to South Africa

Date:2017-08-29 22:03:24 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Recently,Dingli created sawdust drying production line for South African customers. The project includes equipment manufacturing, installation and technical training etc. At present, the equipment has entered the production processing processes, equipment delivery, installation and commissioning and so on.
The equipment using three-tier sleeve structure, insulation effect is better, by the seasonal or external environment's influences is less. But its volume reduction 50% compared to single-cylinder dryer, easy to transport, easy to install, can reduce the user land lease and plant construction costs. The entire production process is fully automated, easy to operate, the raw material import and export temperature, wind pressure, drum speed and other parameters automatically match,  after sawdust drying's moisture reduced about 10%, after forming   of pellet fuel 's quality is good, profit margins is large.

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