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Dingli product’s highlight cases in Southeast Asia

Date:2017-06-06 15:58:22 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Here we look back, Dingli’s proud results for drying production line in Southeast Asia - Southeast Asia highlight cases:
Laos brewer’s grain dryer project (DLSG2012-3) is Dingli’s first project settled in Southeast Asia area.

At present, there are 22 various types of drying production lines in Southeast Asia. They were installed separately in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines and Myanmar etc. The equipment drying materials covering all kinds of materials such as brewer’s grain, cassava residue, wood chips, yeast, lignite, biomass pellet etc. Only Vietnam country has 11 production lines putted into production such as sawdust, cassava residue, yeast and brewer’s grain production line etc.

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