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Welcome Zhongzhi (Beijing city) certified company visited our company audit implementing standard

Date:2016-12-19 19:23:39 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Zhongzhi (Beijing city) certified limited company arrived in our company audit implementing standard on December 15, 2016. Our company vice president in person received the review experts and work closely with the on-site audit and supervision work of the various departments with external audit experts, provides an objective and factual data. And the audit as an opportunity to promote the internal management level.
Audit certification experts group through site consult data and sampling related file data records, site review and talk etc,which is company enterprise management, security quality department, material equipment department, construction research department and party integrated department etc, that detailed audit. Especially in quality policy, quality target of determine and department quality target of decomposition implementation situation, that improved measures and the data analysis etc as focus review. In audit process, all the department heads are  positive teamwork, who provided external audit experts with relevant information and work record, willing to accept audit certified experts put forward views and suggestions.

Implementing standard certification will effectively improve the level of enterprise's technological innovation, protect and increase the value of innovation and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Our company will strictly establish a corporate intellectual property management system and strive for an early through approval.



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