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Congratulate Dingli Wood Chip Dryer Exported to European again

Date:2015-01-06 08:53:02 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

 By the end of 2014 , Chinese new year is coming,  a good news from Dingli sales department said that Dingli best seller---- wood chip drying equipments would export to Europe countries again.

After received customer inquiry, we  made the production plan according to the customers' requirements and local conditions. When customers read our plan for their project, they were very happy and expressed his desire to visit our company. After the customers arrived in zhengzhou, and then went to our factory for investigation, the leader show them  around our production shop, product exhibition hall etc. Under the pleasant atmosphere, European customers and zhengzhou Dingli signed a wood chip dryer production line successfully.

This is the second time our equipments exported to European countries after they were sold to British,Italy last year. In recent years, our company has been integrated to a big group , relying on strong support from Zhengzhou drying equipment engineering technology research and development center ,now we try our best to improve science and technology quality, strive to make each series of every product has its own intellectual property rights and strong scientific technological content, in order to make zhengzhou Dingli as the top ten science and technology innovation enterprise in China.


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