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Dingli’s coal slime dryer shipped to Inner Mongolia

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Henan University of technology College of mechanical and electrical of meeting room on October 13th ,our company donated to the Henan University of technology "complete sets of testing drying equipment" donation ceremony held here. Henan University of technology vice-president Li Liying and Dingli company chairman Li Liuji common attended the donation ceremony and made a passionate speech.
Donation ceremony was presided by the Henan University of technology College of mechanical and electrical of party committee Zhou secretary. College of mechanical and electrical of Liu dean first introduced our company donation the ”complete sets of testing drying equipment"and the school-enterprise joint open "drying technology and equipment of laboratories" of reserves.And the university initialled cooperation agreement with our company Chairman Li on the scene.

Henan University of technology vice-president Li Liying on behalf of Henan University of technology awarded a donation certificate to Chairman Lee. She said Chairman Lee is a Henan University of technology of level 88 alumni. Since he started Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd committed to the drying equipment research and development,with expertise in management,technology leadership and technological innovation, under very bad conditions in the manufacturing industry at home and abroad, which is enjoys a very high status. Moreover, Mr Li do not forget thanksgiving for Alma Mater, first establish the "Dingli scholarships" in the school to help students and first to donate equipment to schools.

Our company chairman Li made a brief speech at the meeting room. He first thanks all school leaders and teachers. And he hopes that through this cooperation, further improve the research level of the Alma Mater, to further enhance the company's research and innovation. He said that want to take this opportunity makes many difficult processing material to do more experiments in domestic, got a first-hand data and information, published a number of papers and more scientific research to fill up gaps in the rotary drum.

Chairman Li gives a brief introduction for the company's performance in  the development of abroad. He said that Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2005.Now our company has nearly 200 employees. The company's main product is rotary drum dryer, product sales  more than 50 countries and regions.In Europe,such as United Kingdom,
Germany,Italy,Bulgaria,and Russia etc. Asia is more, there are more than 20 countries. More concentrated markets in Southeast Asia and India,our products are over 8 countries in Southeast Asia. Companies under the great pressure of the enterprise, we can live very healthy, this is can't leave  Alma Mater of support.

Company executive vice president Wei Xinguo, integrated manager Guo Huiqing, Henan University of technology College of mechanical and electrical all leaders and some teachers and students participated in these activities.



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