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Dingli Equipment Sawdust Shipment to Chile today

Date:2014-12-18 13:38:07 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Lately Chilean customer ordered sawdust dryer from our company, after hard work of our company staff, now the machines have been completely finished.On December 12th, our company put the sawdust dryer into the container and ready to delivery. Before the Chile customers ordered,the Chilean Customer know something about our company’s sawdust dryer on the internet,such as qualification,cooperative case,etc,and make a compare with other company,and finally choose us. By the two sides’detailed discussion exchange,we decide the sawdust dryer’s model according to the customers’capacity request ,production environment,and site size,supply the equipment scheme which meet the customer’s need.determine the production environment as well as the size of the field from the production demand, customer sawdust dryer models of conforming to customer production requirements, provide the equipment scheme.

After the customers visit our factory and see the real site,the two sides have a in-depth exchanges on issues related to the equipments,they were satisfied with our design,and signed the contract at once.Today the machines are deliveried in accordance with the contract. Since set up until now our company dedicated to produce the high quality of rotary dryer for the customers,in domestic drying industry we are unique.our customers are throughout Asia,Africa,Europe,North America,South America and so on five continents,including new energy,construction,food,feed and other industries,this is also confirmation which our company has a certain core competitiveness in international competition. Zhengzhou Dingli will always adhere to quality first, supply the customer selection,installation,production line design and the scientific & reasonable ‘s suggetions and guidance,in order to provide better service, we believe in the future we will have more customers hand in hand with us for full cooperation and create a better future.

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