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Dinngli company sawdust drying lines going to send Shandong

Date:2016-04-19 10:13:42 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Dinngli company sawdust drying lines going to send China. Shandong, the sawdust dryer equipment model is DLGT2912-3, daily processing capacity of 100 tons.

sawdust drying

Recently, customers have also come to the sawdust drying line inspection, closely after inspection by our quality control department, determine the indicators are standards, immediately lifting the car for the customer to arrange delivery, arrived in Shandong for the early installation site.

Dingli   sawdust drying line large capacity of the company, according to the customer's specific demand for tailored, low running cost, system stability, uniform drying quality. Customers on our sawdust drying technology that is very recognized, more homogeneous materials drying quality of customer case studies were very satisfied.

sawdust drying

Dingli company is the professional manufacturer of dryers, by virtue of the high quality equipment and perfect after-sales service to win the trust of many customers at home and abroad and praise, dingli compoany will continue to provide a high quality of drying equipment for customers, while achieving maximum customer benefit and corporate clients to achieve win-win situation.

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