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Dingli’s coal slime dryer shipped to Inner Mongolia

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The latest news: Zhejiang customer ordered a food waste dehydrator from our company.

Recently, the Zhejiang customers ordered a food waste dehydrator from our company. Our company issued a statement and produce the equipments for the customer.

The high moisture content of the food waste is the main reason of decaying or decomposition of the food waste. Especially in the hot summer, the food waste will decay quickly. Therefore, if we want to use the food waste efficiently, we need to dehydrate the food waste. The dehydration is an essential step of food waste disposing. The food waste dehydrator ordered by the customer is a new dewatering equipment of our company, which adopts unique dewatering technology; alleviate the burden of the dryer; increase the yield; reduce the energy consumption. This dehydrator is a essential treatment facility before drying. At present, it has been used in dehydrating food waste by many enterprises.

Zhengzhou Dingli can produce large, medium and small screw extrusion dehydrator. This equipment is a new dewatering equipment developed through our company’s continual technology research and innovation, which meets the dewatering need of different people. Welcome the customer to visit and inspect our company.

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