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The actual shooting of Bulgaria sawdust drying production line

Date:2016-01-12 10:06:12 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

 Recently, Zhengzhou Dingli launched a live video of Bulgaria sawdust pellet plant. This project obtained the strong support from the clients since it established. With the joint effort between the Zhengzhou Dingli and Bulgarian clients, the project has been finished in order. The following is the live video of this case.

The completion of this project has important meanings to the local usage of sawdust resources, meanwhile, it was the beginning of the both sides company’s friendly cooperation. The both sides will promote the other cooperation of project later and push the development of the Bulgaria biomass energy together.

Dingli has cooperated with customers from Asia, Africa, Europe and South America in the field of new energy, construction and catering. Welcome to work with our teams!

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