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The customers coming from Indonesia visited our wood chips dryers

Date:2015-10-15 09:57:39 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

On October 10th, the customers coming from Malaysian visited our company. They showed strong interest in our wood chips dryers after seeing our product models and case video.
Our customers gave high complement on our capacity, manufacture equipment, work environment and quality management systems, which, in their view, is the best they have ever seen in China.The wood chips drying equipment is widely known in overseas market, which have been used in UK, Israel, Malaysia, Chile and Morocco.
Dingli is always putting the quality and customers’ benefits at the first place, which help us win extraordinary global reputations on our products such as wood chips dryers, peat dryers, coal dryers and BSG dryers. Dingli will offer best products and service to customers and help them on the way of success.

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