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Shenzhen brewer’s grains dryer installation site

Date:2015-08-11 17:23:46 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

At the beginning of July, Shenzhen customer inspected our brewery’s grain drying production line, and signed the purchase contract in mid-July in view of prominent performance advantages of Dingli dryer. We have completed the production and manufacture in early August. Now, we have started the process of installation, the following is the installation diagram:

brewer's grains dryer

The customer needs a set of drying equipment drying the wet brewer’s grains with the moisture of about 85% to the dried product with the moisture of 10%.Our technical staffs developed the unique drying equipment according to the property of local brewer’s grains, which greatly increases the thermal efficiency. The performance and quality of new type of brewer’s grains dryer which is launched by Dingli in 2015 is much superior, while elevating greatly the environmental friendliness.
Zhengzhou Dingi is a well-known domestic enterprise with dryer equipment manufacturing, first-rate research and development design team, advanced processing and testing equipment, and skillful engineers, technicians and construction teams. We design all kinds of high-wet material drying equipments and auxiliary equipments. Now, this set of equipment has been put into use in beer manufacturers and feed processing enterprises, creating considerable economic benefit.

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