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Dingli’s coal slime dryer shipped to Inner Mongolia

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The rotational speed of the drum dryer has a very important role in the factors of affecting the material drying effect,how do we adjust the speed of drum dryer to the optimum state?

The experiments has proved that the L-type lifting plate of each structure angle has an optimal speed,when it turns in the optimum speed ,the lifting material in the barrel occupied the largest cross-sectional area , most suitable for heat exchange. Optimum rotational speed increases with structural angle of lifting plate increases, in the actual production, we should be determined the rotational speed of the dryer according to the structure angle of the lifting plate . At the optimum speed, the lifting material which is lifted by different kinds of structure angle of L-type lifting plate occupied size is different in the cylinder cross-sectional area, the occupied area increases with the decreasing of the structure angle of the lifting plate. In the actual production, we should choice structure angle of 90°lifting plate to improve the dispersion of the material. Another important factor of impacting material drying is the rotary speed of dryer cylinder , install the dryer with lifting plates which have different frame and sizes, should adopt different rotary speed, but the rotary speed of actual used dryer is fixed. If the speed is too fast, the cylinder cross-section material offset to the left, if the speed is too slow , the cylinder cross-section material offset to the right. So too fast and too slow speed all reduce the simplified cross-sectional area that the material occupies, only when the material is distributed in the middle of the drum, it has good heat exchange. So equipping the lifting plate with different structural angle should adopt a different speed, that is, there should be different optimal speed.

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