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Burner has been send to Indonesia

Date:2015-07-08 15:47:39 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

The Indonesia customer finally ordered a complete set of equipment of Biomass Wood drying line from my company after inspection for many times. The complete set of equipment includes: Biomass Furnace, Cyclone Dust Collector, Rotary Drum and so on.The following picture is about the scene of delivery: 

burner stove.jpg

In the aspect of biomass pellet fuel, because of the high moisture of wood chips, sawdust, chopped wood, straw, nut shell, etc, if they were directly burned, they will have a low heat efficiency, incomplete combustion, and gasification of water will take away a large number of high temperature heat energy, produce a lot of smoke, increase environmental protection costs. The general international way for utilizing biomass is: The biomass raw materials undergo crushing, drying dewatering, dust-removing, high pressure molding,and the moisture is up to 12%-15%, calorific value is up to 4400+400kcal/kg, ash content≤1%,the pellet fuel can gather energy and has a high efficient utilization.

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