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Dingli attend international conference on agriculture and biomass energy

Date:2015-06-30 08:46:40 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd was invited to attend an international conference which was held  in June , 2015, in zhengzhou Hi -Tech Development zone ,Henan industry university academic reporting hall of administration building  about the "2015 Grains and potato processing technology ,agriculture and biology energy technology in developing countries  for "foreign aid training national-level enterprise network platform.

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Activity theme is: service enterprise of international cooperation, boost revitalization of the national economy.The event will be on meeting enterprise organization of 32 officials from 12 developing countries on 'food and agriculture "in developing countries with technical experts of some advanced companies in China,expanding the international market for your company and product platform structures.

During the meeting,we talked with the officials from Ghana, Sudan, Zanzibar, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Egypt, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, myanmar, Sri Lanka. Africa is mainly for agricultural production, they are desperate in need of some more advanced agricultural production technology, such as grain processing and drying technology, the comprehensive utilization of biomass energy, etc. they expressed they wanted to have further cooperation with our company,and we also would love to provide them best service and high-quality equipments and techniques. It is a great chance for our company to go into Africa market and have further cooperation with them.

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