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Sawdust Sifter

Date:2015-05-26 14:42:46 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Working Principle of sawdust sifter
Sawdust sifter consists of five parts:drum, frame, hopper, reducer and motor. After the material flow into the drum, on one hand, materials will be screened along with the rotation of drum, on the other hand, the bigger materials flow forward along the direction of slope and be separated by the screen with different numbers of meshes. The different materials fall into different hoppers and then are sent to different finished product stacks by manpower or belt conveyor.

The Performance and feature of sawdust sifter

Suitable to separate various materials
Cylindrical shape of screen provides larger surface area which has higher possibility of materials to contact with the screen mesh. Higher capacity and more effective.
Energy saving equipment
Equipment is fully sealed with a cover to minimize the suspension of fine material, in the air during the operation, able to avoid working environment pollution
Since covered, less noise pollution during the operation
Durable and low maintenance cost
Inspection and the maintenance is easily to process through opening the cover

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