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The daily maintenance method on bentonite dryer

Date:2015-07-19 17:11:04 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

The maintenance equipment after purchasing bentonite dryer is of great significance for the service life of the equipment,in order to give you a better maintenance for bentonite dryer, the following maintenance methods will give you some advise.

The first is the daily attention to the wear parts, we should timely repair and replace them;we need clean classis and remove the dust, otherwise it will cause a mobile bearing failure, or even more accidents; we need to regularly check around the bearing oil temperature, if we found oil temperature increased , should shut down for inspection and eliminate, if the impact sound appears, when the gear runs, we should  timely stop to check, and eliminate the problem. Bearing needs to be checked regularly,if friction is too large, it need time to do lubrication, general bentonite dryer need to check the lubrication of parts include: the rolling bearing , all the gears, bearings and sliding surface ; long tire work is prone to loose, we need to carry out the examination, if loose, the need for intensified treatment is necessary;  in addition, before the equipment is put into use, the good condition should be checked, to prevent further lead to other problems.

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