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Sawdust dryer installation site in Bulgaria

Wood Pellet Mill Project Profile:Device name:Sawdust dryer installation Capacity:3t/h Model: 2122-3 Footprint:10×40m Installation Site:BulgariaBulgaria cust

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Mexico yeast dryer site

Yeast DryerCapacity:500kg/h An Mexico customer ordered a set of 500 kg/h yeast dryer equipment in our company, has been formally put into production and operatio

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The commissioning of sweet sorghum straw drying project succeeded in Neimenggu,China

The commissioning of sweet sorghum straw drying project has succeeded in Neimenggu. The following pictures from production site show that this drying production

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Laos brewer's grains dryer equipment phase II project has finished installation and testing

In last year, customers from Laos purchased a brewer's grains drying production line. By now, the production line has been working normally.Due to the expansion

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The installation of coal slurry drying equipment is going to be complete in Russia

The customer ordered a coal slurry drying production line with annual processing capacity of 500,000 tons. Our sales engineers, according to the customer's need

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Wood Pellet Mill In Northumberland,England

Device name:Wood Pellet Mill Capacity:1.5-2t/h Model: DLKL2000 Footprint :10×24m Installation Site:Northumberland、England

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