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Mineral slag rotary drum dryer


Zhengzhou DINGLI New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is currently the most professional and most authoritative enterprise engaged in the research and development of drying equipment in China. It is the only science and technology enterprise in China's drying industry that integrates design, production, and sales. After nearly 20 years Fast and steady development has gradually become the leader of Chinese drying equipment industry. The dryer for slag, slag and other materials has been meticulously researched and developed. After more than 20 years of drying practice and researches, it has been continuously improved. With its advanced technology, high efficiency, low ener9gy consumption, stable operation, and easy operation and maintenance, safety and environmental protection, praised by users, more than 100 sets of drying equipment are perfectly operating in China and around the world. This type of equipment is widely used in . The equipment can be customized according to the type of material, depth of precipitation and user needs to meet the individual needs of each user.


 Mineral slag tumble dryer is mainly composed of hot air furnace, belt conveyor, rotary drum dryer, belt conveyor, induced draught fan, cyclone dust collector, bag dust collector (or wet dust collector) and operation control system. The equipment adopts the fair current (or countercurrent) drying process. Its working principle as following: After entering the drying drum, the wet materials are spitting into the following working areas: First, the material guiding zone. The mineral slag enters this zone and contacts with high-temperature hot air to quickly evaporate water. Under the circumstance of the large lead angle guide plate, it is transferred to the next work area; the second is the copy board area. The mineral slag is the lifting flight drop and pick up in this area to form the material curtain state. At this time, the material in full contact with the hot blast. The moisture in the material slag is quickly evaporated and stripped into water vapor. The water vapor drawn away immediately by the induced draft fan to achieve the purpose of drying the mineral slag; the mineral slag is dried in this area to moisture content of less than 5% (or lower) In the loose state, after the heat exchange, the material reaches the required moisture state and enters the final discharge area. The third is the discharge area. The drum does not have a copy board in this area. The material is rolling in the area to the discharge port, completing the entire process. Drying process.

 First, the mineral slag fixed-speed quantitative feeder solves the problem of feed uniformity in the feeding and drying machines, overcomes problems such as intermittent feeding, material blocking, and large instantaneous amount of material, and is a prerequisite for improving the evaporation intensity.

1. Uniquely design of hopper and feeding mechanism overcame the intermittent feeding and flickering problems caused by uneven feeding;

2. A large angle non-powered screw propeller is installed at the feeding end of the drum, which not only uniformly feeds the incoming mineral slag to the drum drying section, but also further cuts and disperses the bulk mineral slag.

Second, optimizing the internal structure of the dryer maximized the heat exchange area between the material and the hot air is the basis for improving the evaporation intensity.

1. Continuously optimize the internal structure of the drum and the design of the lifting plate. The final shape is the unique drum internal lift plate structure and mixing zone layout with different functions. The roller full section “Material curtain” has no dead space, no gaps, and maximum the increase of the limit of the heat exchange area between the mineral slag and the hot air mass causes the moisture in the mineral slag to quickly increase in temperature, vaporize and evaporate, and will be taken away by hot air.

2. Patented layered rotary drum dryer. According to the law of different size of particles in inside of the roller the speed of heating is way different, set up a multi-component drying device, put small size, control of small particles of material due to excessive drying to chalking, heat of inside and outside of large particles the material is not uniform dryness, we need to ensure dry uniformity.

3, the hot blast stove type is rationally selected to optimize its internal structural design and masonry quality, reduce the air leakage rate, reduce the oxygen content in the hot air to less than 5%, and the temperature of any process requiring 700-1100°C can be arbitrarily controlled and used as a dryer. Providing a homogeneous and stable heat source is a reliable guarantee for the high-strength operation of the mineral slag dryer.

4, the measurement and control technology system adopts a computer operation platform and frequency conversion PLC control technology, online interlocking control of temperature, pressure, oxygen concentration, device speed and other process parameters, to achieve automatic detection and control of the entire system, with centralized, on-site switching function, guarantee The system operates with maximum output, optimal quality, most energy-saving mode, and safe explosion-proof operation.

5, optimize the configuration of gravity settlement + cyclone dust collector + wet / bag dust collector, dust concentration <30mg/Nm3, to ensure that the exhaust emissions standards.

6, the first modular design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, service concept and assembly test platform, to optimize the design and manufacturing, more convenient transportation and installation services to return customers, to ensure maximum customer benefits.

7, solve the problem that the water vapor returns to the material after the system temperature decreases during the same direction movement caused by the dehumidification of the conventional dryer, and increase the drying efficiency to achieve the purpose of deep dewatering.

8, the dryer adopts the double sealing mode of fish scales or mazes and expandable graphite packing mechanical seals to ensure that the dryer system is closed and oxygen-tight and safe to operate.


Output (T/D)

Moisture content of raw material (%)

Final moisture content (%)

Total Power (kw)

Spatial footprint (m2)











































Note: The production capacity of the equipment is directly related to the proportion of mineral slag to reduce the moisture, the precipitation ratio is large, and the equipment production capacity is reduced accordingly. Specific consulting firm.

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